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A bit confusing item naming and description in kotortool.

Hello there.

I hope this forum is still alive now. Im currently replaying KotOR 1, alredy got it working flawlesly on windows 7 and now id like to make some changes in the game to match my taste. Right now im trying to replace Star Forge Robes with a version giving bonuses to combat skills not will. Everything is clear to me except of one thing. I didnt even touched the item name and description just changed its properties and put the file into Override folder. Now when i spawn it in game to test if it works the item has no name and no description. I played with it a little and found out that when i copy description into both windows and uncheck identified option the description shows in the game but still cant make the item name visible. Everything else like item texture requirements and stats look as it should. Any advice from u guys? How to make item name visible?
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