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Watched it last night. By far my favorite version of Superman, and I dare say one of my favorite films of all time. Yes there is a massive amount of explosions but it was the little details, the things that didn't need to be said, and the first 30 minutes of back-story-fleshing-out on Krypton that make this a far better version of the Superman story than any film or recent comic.

Zod's reasoning, ie; it was genetically encoded in his DNA that he protected his people to his last breath, made his struggle, his actions and his eventual death much more sad and at the same time epic. The same can be said for Kal-El. I found it refreshing that we meet Superman when he hasn't even figured out his own power's yet... He's not been saving screaming girls and kids for 20 years and come to terms with the collateral damage his powers can create, and the decisions he must face, he's taking it one burning building at a time.

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