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"Were you the one that once made the joke about following a computer's orders?"

Alriana thought for a moment. "I might have. To be honest I don't quite remember." she said as she headed for the south corridor.

"A little out of practice Shinigami?"

Xandros winced slightly as the shock hit him and shook his head. "A true Shinigami is never out of practice. Trust me, Right now I can think of three separate ways to kill you.

A familiar voice came from the corner. "I think I know what your thinking." Varith's voice echoed through the room as the cathar dark jedi got to his feet. "And it's not an option. What your planning to do would tear the station apart and kill everyone on it."

He motioned around the room. "We can't risk compromising the hull here. Everything on this station is jury rigged, if we cause enough damage we'll be dealing with severe power surges that will cause explosions everywhere."

A sudden idea came to Varith's mind as he reignited his lightsaber and held it in a makashi stance as he smiled at Tyrannus and then at the others. "I'd leave the area if I were you two. It's about to get very cold in here." He said to Xandros and Tavaryn.
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