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The sith rolled his head slightly and let out a minor groan. Whatever this talk was going to be about was probably something he wasn't going to look forward to. Its not like he could really do anything about it in his current condition, so he might as well sit back and try to enjoy the ride for now. They weren't showing any true hostility towards him, simply caution and uneasiness. Avriela suddenly spoke to him about getting on their ship and aiding them or walking to his ship which was quite far away. Basically the choice was face possible imprisonment or bleed out trying to get to his own ship...such wonderful choices.

He looked back, almost considering the second option. He had survived in the past with overwhelming odds, he should be able to do it again. He turned around ready to tell them to fight on their own...then the pain came. He clutched his chest once more and stumbled back once more. He wouldn't make it walking to his ship and he couldn't even attempt to run. He moved into their ship, looking around at the interior. He only got a small glance before the interior began to spin around in his head. The dizziness combined with the pain dropped him to his knees as he coughed. He felt some blood hit the inside of his mask, and he tired to spit it out the side of his mask. He simply looked up to Avriela.

"...I am at your mercy," came his reply. If she wanted to take him on the ship, it was their call now. Leave him? Also their call. Give him the necessary medical attention he needed? Also their call.
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