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"We should probably take her to Republic HQ, if there's anything left of it. Those holes on the hull have started to expand slightly which could indicate a bigger problem."

Vlalkor nodded in agreement. "From what I've been hearing over the comn channels Republic HQ is still in one piece. The solders were able to hold the rakghouls back and a very short time ago...well, the rakghouls turned on each other. Republic troops managed to finish them off."

"We should probably get the holes patched and head for wherever it is we need to go next. I have a feeling this isn't over. If Voleran was controlling the rakghouls...than what was controlling Voleran?"

As Vlalkor looked on, he watched as Zarev carried the still unconscious Per'dra to her quarters. Zarev looked like he was in very bad shape. His eyes were almost closed, he was limping and staggering but he still didn't stop. He gently laid Per'dra down in one of the bunks and then proceeded to collapse on the floor next to her bunk.

Avriela was doing her best to hold Velox up as they boarded the Shan and gave Corsail a look that could have punched a hole through durasteel as his hands went for his blasters. "We've all done things we regret Corsail." She said quietly as she sat him down on one of the benches near the ship's holoterminal. "Some of us more then others." She said as she looked down at Velox.

She grabbed a medkit from a bench and began to work on Velox's wounds as best she could. "This may hurt," She said as she worked on his wounds. "But rest assured, I'm not going to deliberately hurt you."
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