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Velox felt Avriela move him towards a bench after his little slip up. People did indeed do things that they regretted later in life. Could Velox be considered one of those people? He was a sith, and quite a skilled one. He enjoyed fighting jedi, and the power he had. He had no problem with killing, and liked the presence he gave off. He certainly wasn't regretful of being a sith, that much he knew.

He began to feel the healing effects of the medkit as Avriela tended to his wounds. This was her chance to completely be rid of him if she really wanted to. For this thought, Velox had what little guard he could keep up ready. A small noise escaped his masked lips as she worked.

"You wanted to speak with me on something?" he asked a bit cautiously. "...and what makes you think I have something to regret?" he added.
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