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"We are not going to have this discussion again. I could tell that everyone is getting uneasy with another Sith being here. People, stop being na´ve. This thing that controlled Voleran is a threat to both Jedi and Sith alike. It's just common sense to try to work together. Can't you just set aside your mutual animosity for at least a couple hours?"

Corsail spat. "Common sense? If we start placing our trust into every sith we meet we'll be destroyed from the inside! And this one was just a wonderful choice wasn't he? He's obviously a sith of high rank, maybe even a dark council member, do you realize how many innocent lives he's probably taken? He's a murderer, and if you side forces with him whatever morals you jedi you pretend to have truly are worthless."

Corsail clutched his fists and glared at Varik in anger. "I just don't see it. You know what he is. How can you place your trust in him when you don't know what kind atrocities he's commited."

"We've all done things we regret Corsail. Some of us more then others."

Corsail looked down for a moment, then looked up at Avriela, "He doesn't regret anything. I saw the look he had in his eyes when he was fighting you, he would have killed and he would have relished in it, the thrill of victory and the look of defeat in your eyes." Corsail shook his his head.

"I'd stand down if I were you. We can talk about it more, if that's what you really want, once we get to the HQ. For now, he's someone who helped us and we will give him medical treatment, alright?"

He looked over to Light and slowly nodded, forcing his hands away from his blasters. He gave Light an apologetic look before he turned away. As he passed by Varik he mumbled, "You might want to check up on your twilek friend, haven't seen him in awhile."

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