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"Should we?"

"I don't know." Alriana answered. "Are we sure that whatever is down this corridor isn't dangerous? For all we know it could be some sort of trap that Tyrannus set."

"And I am familiar with those ways too. Though I think it would be best served against the sangtahut standing with you. If you studied your history, you would know why."

Xandros smiled darkly. "I'm not falling for your games, sith. And trust me, you have no idea what I have planned for you. They aren't the traditional means of dispatching an are a bit more...creative."

"And don't think that I won't give up on going after that precious young mind."

Varith looked over at the others and then with eyes blazing with hatred he turned to look back at Tyrannus. "Thats it. You just sealed your fate by threatning Velra."

"You'll need help,"

Varith didn't even have to think about it. "I'll take whatever help I can get. But be warned, you may have to run very soon if what I have planned works." He said as he grabbed a set of pipes that ran across the celling and began to pull them down with the force.
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