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As he waited, Velox was lost in the words of that man. What he said was both highly accurate yet also incorrect. He only chuckled at the eye comment and decided it was best not to mention the facemask that covered the entirety of his face. He would most likely be met with abuse that he could not defend himself against at the moment. He would have killed Avriela, Per'dra, and the others if he had been given the chance during the fight.

Every word about what he said about him fighting was correct. He would have loved every second of that fight. He had killed many before and would continue to do so. The innocent though? That was a different story, and was something he was punished for never actually doing. There was no sport in the lives of the innocent, no fun nor challenge either.

"Everyone has something that they regret. A path not taken, a choice not made...a life not lived. Everyone has regrets Velox. Even the jedi."

Velox tilted his head at this, almost believing the statement she spoke. He was certain that such a statement could be applied to most beings, but he was above such a thing. Regret? He was a skilled sith warrior, and basically got whatever he wanted. Why would he regret such a life? The life he had before failed in comparison. Only briefly did his mind flash back to the day he was discovered. Only briefly did he see the dense rainfall that wash away the blood on his flesh.

"I was actually going to ask you who you were before you joined the Sith. Were you a Jedi? A loner with force abilities? Or were you simply raised in the Sith Empire?"

Velox let out his signature chuckle at this request. So she wanted to get to know her enemy did she?

"I guess there's no harm in that answer. I suppose the last two questions are correct, my dear Avriela. It was a stormy night when some sith scouts discovered me. Before then I had been a loner. I barely knew what the force was or how it worked. Back then it was simply instinct to me. I had been in the deep woods for sometime...but I do not recall why. I came across one of the most incredible spectacles I had ever seen. It was a duel between two jedi and two sith. The way their sabers clashed was both terrifying yet spectacular at the same time. There was something about the red sabers that I didn't like and when one of them drew near that instinct kicked in...I attacked and killed the sith with a blade I had made on my own."

Velox shifted slightly as he took a break in his recollection of his time before being a sith. He gazed at Avriela, wondering what she thought of his little tale so far.

"The fight with the other three was highly difficult, but I did no go without injury. To be honest I still don't know how I survived that night. The scouts found me and took me back. I thought for sure I was done for, but my body had nothing left in me and I blacked out. When I awoke, I was put on some sort of trial by sith lords. While angered I had killed two warriors, they were just as impressed with the entire outcome. They decided I would make a powerful sith...and you know the rest."

One key thing about Velox's story was something he knew nothing about. How had he survived that encounter? Why was he in the woods in the first place? Why had he been surprised about Avriela's description of him when he attacked their group?

All of these questions have one thing in common that Velox could not see for he was simply unaware of what happened before all of this. His unique fighting style was not so much a style at all...but the desperation of a survivor. He tapped into a state of desperation and as a result became a brutal and vicious assailant. Whatever Avriela had seen of him was not a conscious version of himself, but that pure instinct taking over.

"You know that man is right about me...I would have tried to kill you all," he said to Avriela. His tone wasn't threatening though despite the words he spoke.
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