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I should clarify: this isn't just for gaming.

Sure, playing SWTOR and a few other games ported from xbox360 and ps3 (super street fighter 4, street fighter x tekken, and others) will be among its duties.

However, the 660 doesn't seem to work too well for some 3D modeling programs. I'm actually looking at 3D art rendering/modeling in addition. I suppose I have other options...Octane is compatible with poser.

Though yes I was looking at the 660 especially since it isn't that much less powerful than its Ti counterpart--what maybe a 15% reduction for a ~$100 reduction in price? It's a good option for sure.

I'm just not positive it will work as fast for some of those 3D programs. I know, 3D is 'overrated' but I'm kinda getting into it.

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