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Should Darth Maul have lived?

I was just thinking about the Star Wars prequels and it felt like there was no character you could really relate to and get invested in.. I think Obi one was extremely under-used. Maybe in the major fight scene at the end of TPM Qui con is killed by Darth Maul and then the republic recruits that were around end up finding a way to them and some how Maul escapes... In the prequel Obi one seems kind of 'just there' this would of gave him some real meaning as he wants to kill Darth Maul and this type of ending would of got us fans excited to see Obi one go after Darth Maul in 'attack of the clones' I really think Darth Maul as a permanent villain would of added more of the original Star Wars feel! Or replace dooku (sorry for spelling) with Maul.. So then that one constant villain appears through out the trilogy and is eventually killed off early on in TROTS or instead of having Darth Maul as the villain in TPM just have Dooku replace him?
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