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I know it's not a 'wall of text'

but I'm sorry to give out the 'emotional dump' of whats been going on these past several years

it's just that, crap like what's happened throws you off of your own gears, and you don't know what you're going to talk about.

a little too much, I think, that should've been said for here.

but after all, this isn't exactly just a thread on a dedicated forum.
this thread is really just a collective AND interactive blog of whats been going on with all of us in (well) the past 7 going on 8 years of our lives.

This is it people! Screw social media! (just kidding to those whom ACTUALLY use that sort of thing ) *mumbles*I have a twitter account and... YES a facebook (*Shhhhh!* I dont use it!!)

twitter - active
facebook - don't bother
tumblr - eh, maybe, i should update if people (really) care
myspace - as I quote DBZA "I've moved over to SpaceBook a while ago."
Youtube - DELAYED ON UPLOADS (*kicks schedule & upload rates AND formatting*)

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