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Do we?

The problem is, I don't remember what I was planning. I bet no one else remembers either. I do still have a number of old notes, but it would take a while for me to dig through them & compile, and I doubt anyone else kept notes.

And we've probably mostly moved on as writers, so we probably wouldn't want to do the stuff we'd planned out.

I think it's something of a shame that I forgot about the reset idea, but ah well. I wouldn't want to finish it without at least Deac and Admiral, and hopefully Cracken, BD, WJ, and even Rogue15 (and you of course but you're already here) and that's a tall order. Get most or all of those people involved, AND get all my notes back together, AND reread the whole damn thing (a requirement for me, though not necessarily everyone else)... Yeah. A very tall order.

FWIW, side note: I see almost every message posted in this forum or in RSRP (or in the Pilot's Lounge) within a week or two thanks to the magic of email alerts, so if everyone else magically shows up someday after years of silence, ...we'll see.

EDIT: Oh, and I just remembered. A big part of my plan (and Admiral's) for the end of Cantina required finishing Postlude to Holocaust, so we'd have to deal with that beast too. Although in that case I do recall more of what exactly we had planned.

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