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Velox's head turned towards Varik when the jedi spoke up. It certainly seemed this jedi was comfortable with him being on the same ship. Then again Velox had taken note of Varik's behavior over someone like Per'dra. He recalled the last words she spoke before going unconscious. He couldn't wait to taunt her for not making a move against anyone on this ship. He glanced to Avriela briefly before looking back to the jedi, chuckling once more. It felt good to be able to laugh again without the pain.

"I would have look forward to that fight, Varik" Velox answered, speaking the jedi's name.

It seemed he at least had some allies on this ship, and the more he spoke to them...the better his chances of going free went up. It was good to have one of the jedi on speaking terms with him. Then again Varik was a unique jedi, and he a unique sith. Perhaps Varik picked up on Velox's lack of hatred for the jedi. It was true, he didn't actually hate them. Hate was a great weapon to a sith, but a completely conscious Velox never used it. Pride was his weapon of choice when fighting. When he slipped into that primal state though...that was a different story.

He turned his head towards Avriela once more as she spoke of choices. He didn't entirely understand what the issue with the sith was. He understood why she wanted to be free of them, but he was not in the same ship with her. When he defeated this higher power, he would be highly praised for this accomplishment. He chose to ignore this statement, instead choosing to answer her question.

"Per'dra," Velox answered. "You'd think the other Per'dra and I would get along," he added, chuckling at his own joke.

Jokes wouldn't do much for the sith other than show that he was indeed different than the average power seeking sith. The only problem with Avriela's question was he didn't have an answer to it. Velox had always been his name since it was given to him. Perhaps he did have a name before, but he couldn't remember much of anything besides being found by the sith. He looked to Varik, and then to Avriela.

"Velox is the only name I can recall. As I said before, things before my time with the sith are a blur."
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