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Originally Posted by maltron66 View Post
The worst thing is, our guys actually believed that we would beat you guys.
When I told them to be realistic once, they all started yelling and swearing at me, telling me that I'm an idiot. And when we lost, they said that I was bad luck and that we would have won if I hadn't said anything. Yeah, dream on, idiots...
That's very optimistic, but who in their right mind would believe you could beat Germany? The only times I've seen them get beaten are when they're having an off-day, and even then, the teams fight tooth and nail for the victory.

My summer right now has been spent watching the Gold Cup, North America's version of the Euros. I have fun watching the USA win, but it's pretty much always a certainty that it will either be them or Mexico who win the competition. That, and I'm waiting to see when Cuba will lose a player to defection. This current tournament also produced this gem:
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