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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
That's very optimistic, but who in their right mind would believe you could beat Germany? The only times I've seen them get beaten are when they're having an off-day, and even then, the teams fight tooth and nail for the victory.

My summer right now has been spent watching the Gold Cup, North America's version of the Euros. I have fun watching the USA win, but it's pretty much always a certainty that it will either be them or Mexico who win the competition. That, and I'm waiting to see when Cuba will lose a player to defection. This current tournament also produced this gem:
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1. My point exactly. I knew we wouldn't beat Germany, even if they had bean soup for breakfast. Yet, those guys in my school firmly believed we could make it. OK, everyone's got opinions, and we must respect each other's opinion... even if it's the most stupid thing you could possibly ever hear.
2. HAHAHAHA! This IS an epic fail! Sometimes, football players forget what they have to do with the ball.
Check this out:
And the amateurs are even worse:

We Greeks have everything when it comes to football:
Matches turning into box fights by both the players and the fans when something goes wrong.
Stupid fans who light so many squibs you can't see s#@t and the referee has to stop the game.
Fans that throw anything you can imagine in the stadium, trying to injure and possibly kill a player of the opposite team (Not long ago, a player tried to remove a squib and it exploded in his hand. Fortunately, the guy didn't lose his hand, but he sure as hell was shocked). Snowballs are also popular items to throw in a stadium in winter: (A fan throws a snowball to a player, provoking a fight.)
Fans that bring AKs to the stadium (it's true, better believe it. When the police did some checking, they found out there were people who had brought AK-47s with them. That was... 3-4 years ago? I think.)
Players trying to humiliate other players the first chance they get : (WILL YOU JUST TAKE OFF YOU PANTS, A@#$OLE!)
The worst referees in the world who thing that, if you have made a mistake and one team benefits from it, you must make another mistake so that the other team benefits from that. Meaning, giving penalties or fouls that don't exist, not giving penalties or fouls that are pretty obvious (guy gets kicked in the crotch and the referee gives him a yellow card because "the player is trying to trick him"): (here a referree gives a foul and even he doesn't know why.)
And of course, the "best" players you could get. Players that always cheat. Of course: (this player is one of the best deliberate divers in the history of football. Some say he's trying to compete with Michael Phelps. The Michael Phelps sign says: Michael Phelps, Dives in pool in 50.58 sec. The next one says: Giorgos Garagounis-they call him Karavoutas because he always dives like that- World Record in OAKA, Greece, Dives in Stadium for the 50.58th time.)
When it comes to our national team: (2 "defenders" trying to destroy an "attacker")
Last but not least, it seems that not even our national anthem can prevent hooligans from destroying everything they find in their path (this happened in the Cup final 3 years ago):
To sum up: The only thing we don't have in greek football is football.
So, if you don't want to waste time of your life, don't watch greek football (Although this is something you probably have figured out yourself...)
Now, tell me, with honesty...
Is there something you wouldn't expect from us when it comes to football?

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