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Originally Posted by Wildstar View Post
If this is the DOS version of X-Wing, I vaguely remember reading that the computer may be too fast b/c of speed-limiting code, which has the side effect of causing the tugs to never reach the fighters if run on today's CPUs. If you're using a DOS emulator, try setting the clock speed lower (DOS X-Wing was designed to run on something like 33 Mhz processors).
Well in case anybody needs to know, I'm the guy who fixed the broken Missions in X-Wing. I have read about this speed problem in context with another mission, and there actually a slowdown did work. However, the mission in Tour 5 (at least in German version) was/is missing a variable, the ships/group which have to be boarded. So in this case/version there is absolutely nothing you can do finish it.

Before fixing that, and also a couple other missions, I have tried various slow down utilities on my old DOS machine, which is a AMD K6 III 400 Mhz CPU slowed down by multiplier to 166 MHz.

The other mission, which actually required a slowdown, one where a Cruiser has to jump, forgot the tour/mission number now, but not the Bonus Historical Mission, already worked when I slowed down my machine further by 15%, which is about 140 MHz. All but this one mission worked fine on 166 MHz.
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