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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I still hang out here, on skype and in swtor... btw, if anyone here plays swtor, you should be on The Harbinger and join our LFN guild call "The Walking Carpets"... *nods*
I'm tempted.....I normally play on Jedi Covenant. What side Lynky-pooh?


yes i am starting this thread seven and a half months into 2013


Come sit round the fire, my fellow wanderers, and tell each other what we've been up to this year.

Where do y'all hang out on the internet now?
You know, for me there was nothing like LF. I don't really hang out anywhere on the web these day, but I was bitten by the mmo bug....even then, it's casual at best. Nothing like how it was during the "good ol' days" of LF. So I have to say, I'm lost....wandering.....

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