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Post Old school server still running, join today! (Meatgrinder)

I just thought I'd throw up a reminder to any old timers (or new comers!) who still play this game (I see 149 active players on Qtracker right now), or wanted to try it out online.

I have a full time job and a lot going on, so I haven't played in a long time, but I'd be happy if people used it even in my absence.

And as for complaining about "the bots" I know, I know. I wish they were better, but in the meantime, I'd rather not have the server just sit there empty. Think of it as keeping the seats warm.

Enjoy! And please report if the server is down and you can't get it going (unless it's 4am CST in which case it's just restarting). I'll restart it as soon as I can.

(JA Server: )

Official patch required. OJPBasic and star wars skins optional.


Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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