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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Crete had about 2 or 3 teams located there. Any reason in particular why you support Olympiacos?
Well, in my father's family, everyone supported Panathinaikos. His parents and his brothers all supported P, but he was the only one who supported Olympiacos. He supports O. till today. And my mother also likes Olympiacos. So, what would you expect when both your parents support this team? I'm not saying that I don't support Crete's teams (btw, they are very good, a team that just got in Super League almost made it to the finals of the Greek Cup tournament and beat Panathinaikos in both games they played). It's just that, O. is a team-for-life and it's impossible to leave when you're intoduced to that team.

That would be the 1st (and foremost) reason. The second would be that Olympiacos always wins in Greece. Unfortunately, that's not because we're good, but because the others are worthless (and that's why we can't do anything at all in European matches). 5 or 6 years ago, the matches were much more exciting. The Cup tournament finals were breathtaking. Now, we can win the cup with our eyes shut. Now we won the Super League (the Greek championship) while we were 25 points ahead of the second team, (which wasn't P). Of course, the economic crisis has affected much in Greek football. Panathinaikos has serious financial problems, so they have created a club in which all fans contribute to help the team. Another legendary team, A.E.K., has already gone bankrupt. The players hadn't been paid for more than 6 months, and they couldn't win a single match. At their last game, they had to win to stay in the Super League and not be downgraded. When they conceided 2 goals, their fans started smashing everything in their stadium, swearing and hunting the players. The team was downgraded and technically went bankrupt. They will now play in the 3rd class championship, with amateur teams. The only team that still manages to avoid financial issues is O.

But why do you bother asking about a team that has no international interest whatsoever?
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