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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
And no, the masses of casual gamers out there aren't the driving force of the industry, they may be the majority, but they're not the ones who constantly spend their money on video games. Just look at Nintendo with Wii, they had the mass casual audience, sold the most units of their home console, but in the end Wii is a hollow shell with f*** all games because most people bought a Wii and stuck it out with Wii Sports, a packaged game. Sony and Microsoft were the real winners because they were able to gather up the audience, that vocal minority that spoke up about Xbox One's asshattery. They were able to please this audience by giving them exactly what they wanted and they made a tonne of money out of them.
I think you might be a bit quick to dismiss the importance of the casual audience. Hardcore gamers are, as you said, a vocal minority compared to them. Casual gamers were absolutely the driving force of the last console generation. That's the reason why Sony and Microsoft were so intent on adding motion control to their consoles last generation, but Nintendo had proven the casuals wanted that. They didn't really care if core gamers did or didn't want those features.

The tricky part with this generation is convincing them that there's any reason they should move on to a new generation. Nintendo hasn't been able to do that, and I don't think that Sony or Microsoft will as well. But they all want to, they all want to bring the casuals back into their consumer bases, and I think you'll invariably see that desire influence their business decisions.

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