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Ackbar Briefing Room

Tariq listened in on the conversation. He offered, "Ma'am, perhaps appealing to their closest relations like Selene on Amshrey will help. Selene is Avalonian but also Mandalorian. I remember her being particularly effective in battle and they have repair crews."


Are we sure that whatever is down this corridor isn't dangerous? For all we know it could be some sort of trap that Tyrannus set.

Jun-la would have answered but Tara's voice came over the intercom, "I have access to the station's plan grid. I can lead you back to the Ebon Hawk."

Jun-la raised her brow and looked at Alriana, "Well, Tara hasn't lied to use yet and she is fond of Uncle."


I'll take whatever help I can get. But be warned, you may have to run very soon if what I have planned works.

Tavaryn noticed the piping. He dodged as soon as they headed towards the ground. He looked to see Tyrannus grinning and giving a mocking look. He said, "Missed me but keep going unless you want to live."

Tavaryn charged forward and clashed his blade with Tyrannus'. It was a flashy show of quick parries and thrusts and a shower of sparks. Tavaryn had learned the old ways of the Jedi and those of his people. The armor he was wearing was bulky but he could move in it. He was adapted for it courtesy of the Republic and Avalon.

Tyrannus was impressed with Tavaryn. He had met the elder siblings and the youngest evaded him. "You're doing well."

"Practice does that," Tavaryn replied and blocked the next blow.

The fight continued until Tyrannus took advantage. He grazed his blade over Tavayrn's helmet and then used the Force to send him flying into the bulkhead. The awkward angle caused pain when Tavaryn hit and he actually punctured his armor near his abdomen. He landed with a dull thud on the ground.

Tyrannus grinned and looked at Xandros and Varith, "Whose next?"

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