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Well, Tara hasn't lied to use yet and she is fond of Uncle."

Alriana mentally smacked herself. "Of course, sorry. I'm a little nervous with all that's going on. Lets just get to the Hawk as soon as we can and get out of here."

"Whose next?"

Xandros was about to step forward when Varith stopped him. "Grab the Shinigami and hold onto something!" He shouted as he raised his hands and arcs of lightning shot out from his fingers and hit the sith but a few hit a small group of fuel containers behind the sith. Xandros saw what was about to happen and grabbed Tavaryn before latching onto a pipe that was attached to the wall.

Varith smiled darkly. "Boom." He said as he grabbed onto one of the pipes and watched as the explosion caused by the fuel containers created a massive hole in the wall behind Tyrannus.

"Attention. Hull breach detected. Initiating emergency bulkheads." the computer's voice echoed through the station as vaccum started to rip the air and everything that wasn't nailed down into the void.


"I'm more than willing to help. However, my own experience with Mandalorians is limited, apart from working with Jedi Master Kalla Vel. Master Kaltas, however, was her apprentice. He might be more well equipped to negotiate with them."

"If that's what you believe is best than I would appreciate it if you could ask him. If we get the Mandalorians on our side, I have a feeling that we could turn the tide in this war."

"Ma'am, perhaps appealing to their closest relations like Selene on Amshrey will help. Selene is Avalonian but also Mandalorian. I remember her being particularly effective in battle and they have repair crews."

Belina thought for a moment. "That could work. But I should admit to you all that I do have a secondary objective tied in with these negotiations." She sighed heavily. "I want peace. I just want the fighting to stop." She muttered softly. "The Empire is part of the resistance, if we could bring the Mandalorians into this alliance...we could finally have a stable peace between the three superpowers once the Sith empire is gone."

She looked over at Kol Skywalker and her eyes began to fill with tears. "I'm supposed to be strong." She muttered. "I just can't deal with all the deaths that are on my hands anymore."
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