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Of course, sorry. I'm a little nervous with all that's going on. Lets just get to the Hawk as soon as we can and get out of here.

Tara's voice came over the comm, "No need to worry. Proceed down the corridor."

There was a slight pause and the alarms came on. Jun-la looked around and then asked, "Tara, what was that?"

"I am detecting a hull breach in the compartment that you left. Emergency bulkheads are activated but I am detecting critical areas. Some are not shutting."

Jun-la knew that they could risk to go back and help but there was also the child to think of. She looked at Alriana since this was weighing heavily on her because of Tavaryn. "What do you want to do?"


Tyrannus managed to grab a hold of something as the vacuum of space pulled. He felt the cold and was irritated and he was annoyed with the Cathar. He couldn't do anything at the moment since his breath was being sucked from him. He felt lightheaded but was able to glare at the group.

In the meantime Tavaryn managed to wake up from his bout. He felt the pain in his side and the pressure. His suit had been punctured. His helmet was cracked and he could see that the vacuum was pulling them. The next thing he knew, his body slipped from Xandros' grasp and his feet hurtled towards Tyrannus and they hit the Sith. He grabbed on and looked to see the Sith hanging onto his leg.

"Well this is a surprise," Tyrannus managed to croak. "You know you could just let go and all will be over but I do have a fondness for myself."

Tavaryn was still lightheaded and couldn't quite answer. He did look upwards at the Cathar and Xandros, appealing silently if they had a plan.

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