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"I am detecting a hull breach in the compartment that you left. Emergency bulkheads are activated but I am detecting critical areas. Some are not shutting."

"What do you want to do?"

"I think we should get the child back to the Hawk and than we'll try and come back for them." Alriana said quietly as she thought about Tavaryn and the predicament he was now in.

Hang on Tavaryn...she thought.

"Well, you created a hull breach. Now what?!" Xandros shouted over the rush of the escaping air. Varith smiled. "Now we move onto phase two of the plan!" The cathar shouted back as he used what little strength he had left to grip Tavaryn in the force and pull him towards them. He could see that both Tavaryn and Tyrannus were both slowly losing consciousness and that fit his plan just fine.

He watched as the bulkhead behind them began to slowly close the breach. He looked over at Xandros and motioned to Tavaryn. "When those two lose consciousness, be prepared to grab the Shinigami so we can escape. We can't beat the sith. Not here and not with our current strength." He shouted as the air continued to leave the chamber.

"Beach sixty percent sealed." The computer's voice echoed through the room.

Xandros looked down at Tavaryn. "Hold on Onashi! We've got a plan!" He shouted.
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