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"I'm supposed to be strong. I just can't deal with all the deaths that are on my hands anymore."

"For every death you feel responsible for, there are countless more death that you prevented." Kol said to reassure the Admiral.

"I think I should tell you about what we found on Dagobah. It's not a concept non-Jedi are familiar with, but it could be the key to turning the tide in war without a single shot." He then suggested.

At that point, Komad joined the group in the War Room, greeting them with a bow.

"It was a device called a Force Relay, presumably one of many all over the galaxy. When placed at Force Nexuses, they form a network through which someone could manipulate the Force directly from a central point. Since the Sith captured Coruscant, that central point would most likely be the Jedi Temple." He continued.

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