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Alriana smiled and continued following Jun-la. "I hope I made the right choice." She said quietly. "About coming back for them."

Xandros watched with worried eyes as Tavaryn seemed to pass out as the breach continued to close. "This is your plan?!" He shouted, "Let the air out and let the vacuum kill them both?!"

Varith shouted back. "Actually, no!" He shouted as he used the last of his strength in the force to accelerate the bulkhead's closure and it slammed into the wall with a resounding slam. "The plan was to weaken the Sith and than run like hell." He stated as he dropped to the floor and shook his head to get rid of the residual effects. He looked down at the Sith and saw that he was still conscious but clearly disoriented and off balance but he wouldn't remain that way for long.

The Cathar ran over to Tavaryn and picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. "Now we follow your friends and get out of here." He stated as he began to run along the route that Alriana and the others had taken. He motioned to Xandros.

"Hurry up! He won't be down for long!" He called as Xandros ran over to him and began to follow him.

Xandros turned around and used the force to slam the door to the compartment shut and than ignited his lightsaber and shorted out the door controls.

"Run!" Varith shouted as he began to move as fast as he could.


"For every death you feel responsible for, there are countless more death that you prevented." Kol said to reassure the Admiral.

"I think I should tell you about what we found on Dagobah. It's not a concept non-Jedi are familiar with, but it could be the key to turning the tide in war without a single shot." He then suggested.

"I know I should feel that way..." She shook her head. "But I don't. I just can't get the death count out of my head." She tried to wipe away her tears but they wouldn't stop.

She turned to look at Komad as he entered.

A better question would be what couldn't one do with it? They could kill with a thought, destroy the very idea of freedom, spread propaganda or truth to every single mind in an instant. Noone should have that kind of power, and anyone would fight tooth and against it." Komad explained.

"There's no way the Sith would let their non-Force Sensitive subordinates know about it." Kol elaborated.

Belina took a few deep breaths to try and calm herself down. "Is it possible we could turn the followers of the sith against them if we let them know what this is?" She asked. "And what are our chances of managing to stop this before they manage to activate it?"

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