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I know that... I was asking rhetorically.

Though as for why Microsoft is pushing Kinect so much, it's because of what I said earlier, Microsoft wants to get that casual audience onboard so that they can get a rush of instant sales based on Kinect + one Kinect game the way Kinect on the 360 + Kinect Adventures became big. That one game sold 30 million copies on the 360 and I'm sure it also meant a lot of brand new sales for the 360 as well as established gamers would have given Kinect a miss.

Microsoft is hoping they can get that initial rush of casuals onto their system so they can get an easy few million sales out of them on top of their more core audience. I mean, Kinect was also pushed out on a few core games as well such as ME3 and DS3... did anyone use them? lolno.

They can try to push it on people as much as they want, but if a particular audience doesn't want to use it, they'll ignore it or ignore the game entirely if it's a mandatory part of said game... unless it actually does something mindblowingly good, which hasn't happened yet. |

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