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Tavaryn couldn't hear much of anything since he was lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. He was thinking about the Cathar child and Alriana though; always the forefront of his mind. Absently he sent, Are you and the girl all right moi chroi?

He wasn't expecting an answer and it took a while for him to get oxygen and grow conscious. He looked around to find himself looking at the ground. He connected that to being carried and he started moving, "Wha..." He winced and grunted from the pain in his side and let out a loud grunt.


Jun-la followed Tara's instructions and they made it back to the Hawk. Tonatius and Kalla were there. She looked at Alriana and then at Tonatius. "Here, look after the girl. We'll be going back."

Master, I'm picking up unstable regions in the station. It's collapsing.

Jun-la could sense that and responded to her comm, "I know that Andros but we still have to get our people and the AI out. Plus there is the ship Lt. Onashi took." She was formal about it but it didn't mean that she was cold.

"I'll take it," Tonatius replied. He turned towards Kalla and gave her a kiss. "I'll hover along the outside and provide cover and escort."

"Good," Jun-la replied. She looked at the Cathar child but it looked like she was scared. She then looked at Alriana and suggested, "Perhaps you should talk to her."


And there's only one way to spread the truth across the galaxy quickly enough: we'd have use the network itself.

Tariq nodded in agreement. He respected the Jedi and believed that they were a force of good. He suggested, "Use the Shinigami, Admiral. From my understanding and what the LT has told us, they are masters of it."

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