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With all due respect to the Shinigami, I'd advise sending only one or two Jedi. They'd have an easier time navigating the Temple, time we can't afford to waste.

Tariq nodded in acknowledgement as he replied, "Not to be disrespectful to the Jedi Master Skywalker but it is my understanding that the Shinigami watch the Jedi. And if I'm not mistaken the LT knows the temple pretty well. Also the elder Starlighter knows as well if you want Jedi."

The Resistance fleet can provide a distraction while the strike team sneaks through the fleet. When will this operation be taking place?" She asked. "Because before we do anything, we need to bring quite a few of the fleet's ships in for repairs. Hopefully my ambassador's will be returning soon, hopefully with reinforcements."

Tariq would have spoken but Scatty spoke up, "Admiral. In terms of the ships, we can outfit them with cloaking devices but you'd need someone who understands systems."

Tariq added, "We could use the Ackbar protocol and drop Alpha Team to cover the Jedi. Of course that means full on assault and I know we want secrecy for success but you know that LT developed that protocol. Just a suggestion ma'am."


Don't worry Onashi, we're heading for the Hawk right now. Just try and recover your strength before we get back to the Hawk.

Tavaryn blinked as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. He knew he was being carried and he heard Xandros. He managed to reply, "We need to get Tara back. Find computer with output."

Just waiting on you and the others.

Tavaryn heard Alriana and was relieved that she was all right. It didn't help that he felt like he was being carried like a sack of spare parts but he was too out of it since he was trying to recover the oxygen he had lost. He did manage to send, At least you are all right.


Don't worry, as soon as the others get here we'll be getting out of here. You'll be safe with us on the Ackbar.

Jun-la looked at the girl and then at Alriana. She said to the Jedi, "Perhaps you should get her strapped in. We may have to blast our way out of here."

Hangar bay defenses are online, Jedi Starlighter. There are troopers making their way to your position. I will use what I can.

Jun-la gave a slight eye roll, "I guess that may be sooner than I expected. You should get on board and make sure everything is ready to bust out." She flipped to her comm and spoke to Andros, "Andros, be ready to lift off. Charge up the quad lasers. Kalla, I could use your dead eye." She then turned to look at the door where they would be entering from. Her hand was on her lightsaber.

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