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Kreia is cryptic as always but she hates the force just for what it is. Like she explains in the final dialog with her after battle on Malachor V, she hates how it has a will and how it uses people to accomplish it's desires. For example, look at Darth Sion. He's obviously overdue for death but his connection to the Force has allowed him to surpress it. In the dialog with Sion after his battle I recall there is an option to ask him "What kind of life have you lived with the Force flowing through you? Was it worth living?". Kreia probably thinks that maybe life without the Force wouldn't be so bad. Considering how she was exiled, she knows what it is like to lose the Force, and she loves the Exile because he/she was forced to live without the Force. There was another scene on Nar Shadaa where you are basically coerced into either giving a man credits or killing him. Either option leads to her lecturing on your choice. Even though giving the man credits would be moral, it only makes him a target for other people who aren't so kind and would kill for those 5 credits. Although if you end up killing him or telling him to screw himself, he ends up getting angry and takes it out on someone else. Like she also says, every action has a consequence (i think she says that) and one tiny decision ripples and effects everything. However that's only a small attempt at discovering why she truly hates the force. Maybe it's because she's been on both sides of the spectrum and knows how the force works for Jedi and Sith. Well, there's my 2 cents.

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