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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
This is only the second movie I have lambasted, but give me a break! The entire use of slavery in the South just because Vampires run the South? Give me an effing Break!

The War Between the States (What most of you remember from American History as the Civil War) was fought not over slavery, it was because the Northern merchants that dealt with finished cloth did not want to have competitors in the south who would also be making it. They wanted a subservient South delivering the cotton necessary to their business. When the South first tried to buy such machinery, the North blocked it's importation. At the same time they attacked the South on two fronts; first by banning further importation of slaves (A hot button Liberal issue) and then placing punitive tariffs for any sale of cotton to any port not in the North.

The North did everything to start that war but fire the first shot! Blockading Southern Ports, landing troops to seize cotton on the docks, what people anywherehad faced such acts by their own government without revolting?

The only problem for us was that the South fought too well. It took four years to force them to accept Federal Authority.

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