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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
The only problem for us was that the South fought too well. It took four years to force them to accept Federal Authority.
Well, I'm not really sure how splintered guerilla warfare and 2 failed invasions of the North constitute as fighting really just makes them very...very stubborn. Yes, Lee fully earned the nickname "Wily Gray Fox" and certainly defeated several incompetent Federal generals time and again (alongside the likes of legends like the late Jackson, JEB Stuart, early-war Ewell, pre-Gettysburg Picket, the adopted Texan, John Bell Hood, and the founder of the Klan himself, Forrest), but in all honesty, those were pointless victories. For all the 'glory' and 'honor' of their southern culture these generals fought to defend, they were truly on the wrong side of progress. When it came to appearances, their military victories looked fantastic, but in reality, did little to curb the actual beast that was attacking them. The Federal forces, on the other hand? They understood how to cure the South of a need for war. I mean, for goodness sake, the Civil War was the birth of modern warfare, where Sherman burned and pillaged everything from Tennessee to Georgia, where Grant's numbers forced the Confederate line at Vicksburg to stretch itself so thin they could only place 1 man for every 6 meters in the trenches...the arrogance inherent in Southern strategy was the only thing that prevented a total capitulation. Furthermore, the blame is not on either the North or the South for the beginning of the war, rather, it is both. I mean, conflict between the two had always existed, going as far back as pre-revolution (It even decided the positioning of the US capital). The War for Southern Independence was really just...well, the Yellowstone Fire of 1988. You build up enough tinder without allowing the natural change to take place and a single spark sends everything straight to hell.

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