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"Admiral. In terms of the ships, we can outfit them with cloaking devices but you'd need someone who understands systems."

"We could use the Ackbar protocol and drop Alpha Team to cover the Jedi. Of course that means full on assault and I know we want secrecy for success but you know that LT developed that protocol. Just a suggestion ma'am."

Belina thought for a moment. "If we can outfit the Ackbar with a cloaking device we could drop Alpha team and than bring the fleet in from the other side of Coruscant. I'm thinking, that if we bring in the fleet and finally destroy the Sith fleet around Coruscant we could send in troop transports and keep the sith busy. I'm not saying Alpha Team can't keep them covered but if we can provide another distraction it'll be one less obstacle facing them."

"We need to get Tara back. Find computer with output."

"Got it." Xandros replied as he began looking for a computer port. He saw a small bank of computers and ran over by one of them with an output.

"Okay. Just out of curiosity, how do we get her out of their computer system?" He asked as he heard the sound of metallic walls creaking. The station was starting to come apart.

"Perhaps you should get her strapped in. We may have to blast our way out of here."

Alriana nodded and began to strap the child into a seat. "We're going to get you out of here. Just stay calm." She said softly. "We never did get your name. Can you tell me what it is?"

The cathar child looked around in fear. "Velra. My name is Velra. Where are we going?"

Alriana smiled. "We're going to the Resistance Fleet. The Ackbar." She said calmly.

At least you are all right.

We have the child aboard the Hawk. She sent back. I'll be waiting for you with open arms.
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