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update- Still alive. Also script parameters are our friend. Now if I only didn't keep going back to increase the quality of the mod it would get done slightly quicker. Unfortunately, I am still on the first blaster. Fortunately, Every single scope for that blaster is modeled. That means every scope is different in level (mark 2 looks like a mark 1 with additions, if that makes sense, and each addition in level adds something).

To prevent it ever coming about that if I get burnt out and nothing gets released, I will be doing the mod in phases. Once I complete a weapon or armor I will release it on deadly forums. There is a downside to this. An incomplete mod means you can't upgrade everything. If that ever happens I will release my workflow and any unfinished models, textures, whatever, so hopefully someone would take up the torch. As stated anyone who helps I will do my best to get every phase first to them. It should be noted that each phase would be a beta phase- untested in game, it won't crash your game (at least it didn't mine) but it may have bugs like missing textures.

I believe that is all for now, back to work.

update: I was plugging away when my computer crashed and I lost all my data. What does this mean? The project has changed. Once I can get the parts in game I will show screen shots. When will it be? unknown. The project is currently on hold as I am having trouble with lightsabers. if anyone is able to get lightsabers into the game and has time on their hands please p.m. me. So what am I doing? Modeling lightsabers actually. Concepts and direction to concepts would be welcome. An idea of mine would be when you first meet Atris and shows the lightsaber the hilt would be a unique hilt. But I would have to mess with one of tslrcms scripts then inject that script back into tslrm's .mod to make it compatible. Doable, and a cool feature. Still nothing will happen until 2 things happen. I solve my lightsaber issues, and tslrcm 1.83 comes out.

It's just like chicken-only different.

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