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I have a few questions about Visas Marr:

1. Out of all the Miraluka on Katarr that Darth Nihilus slaughtered, why did he choose Visas as his apprentice? Was her ability to "see" through the Force more keen than those of her people?

2. If Visas remains on the Dark Side of the Force, Kreia says after her defeat: "The blind one shall return to her home planet, and see what she was meant to see." What does this mean? What was Visas meant to see if she stayed on the path of revenge and hatred?

3. I know that Kreia is definitely not a fan of any of the Exile's companions, but as for Visas, I don't quite understand why our favorite "teacher" dislikes her. Sure, she has ties to Nihilus, but is that the only reason Kreia's wary of her?
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