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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
I have a few questions about Visas Marr:

1. Out of all the Miraluka on Katarr that Darth Nihilus slaughtered, why did he choose Visas as his apprentice? Was her ability to "see" through the Force more keen than those of her people?
I'd imagine that it's a similar situation to the Exile and Kreia, in that a bond was forged between the two, likely when he walked on the planet's surface(if that image on her wiki page is true). Although the reason he would've done so, is because he likely saw a flicker of life on a dead world, and was curious.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
2. If Visas remains on the Dark Side of the Force, Kreia says after her defeat: "The blind one shall return to her home planet, and see what she was meant to see." What does this mean? What was Visas meant to see if she stayed on the path of revenge and hatred?
Depends on if you mean in Nihilus' view, or her view after she travels with a DS Exile. Considering Nihilus, it would've been her simply believing to the end, as he did. Perhaps in some respects she already did(and in a way still does just after she joins the party), but to the point were she would see no more than a dead world, and believe things are as they should be. As for her views after traveling with a DS exile, she might not see things that differently, save for the fact that she would stand on the sight of tragedy, knowing that, at least as much as could be done, she has taken revenge on the one responsible - even if she didn't land the killing blow herself.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
3. I know that Kreia is definitely not a fan of any of the Exile's companions, but as for Visas, I don't quite understand why our favorite "teacher" dislikes her. Sure, she has ties to Nihilus, but is that the only reason Kreia's wary of her?
Presumably because she is the only other that has come close to "seeing" in the same manner as Kreia and the Exile. But where the exile can be manipulated, as can some of the other party members, Visas, as it seems, might understand how to resist it. And thus, it comes down to her not liking the fact that it is someone that she cannot manipulate. Plus, unlike the Exile, who doesn't see the truth about Kreia until late in the game, Visas is likely aware on some level. After all, she is the one who confronts Kreia after the Enclave scene.

Here is an interesting thought - the Character menu is how the Exile sees the party. For most, it likely provides the truth. But for Kreia? It lies. Or that is how the Exile is forced to see her.

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