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((Looks extremely interesting. Count me in! ))

NAME: Dalren Xellros
SPECIES: Togruta
AFFILIATION: Jedi Padawan/Guardian
MASTER: Brianna The Handmaiden
WEAPON: Twin Blue Lightsabers
APPEARANCE: Dalren is around 6'1 and wears the robes of a Jedi except that his are a darker brown than the standard robe. He looks quite a bit like the average Togruta except his eyes are a dark blue color and he has a small scar going down the right side of his face.

BACKSTORY: No one really knows much about the circumstances of how Dalren arrived at the Jedi Temple. One morning a small group of Padawans found the unconscious Togruta near the Temple and brought him back to to receive medical care. It was after he was found to be force sensitive that the offer to train as a jedi was offered to him.

Dalren accepted and Master Brianna offered to train him both in the ways of the Jedi and the Echani combat style.

After beginning his training, he found that his greatest strength was the short amount of time it took him to pick up on combat techniques. All he really had to do was observe the fighting style and he seemed to pick it up in an impossibly short amount of time. He also discovered that he seemed to have a natural talent with vibroswords. When he constructed his first lightsaber, it took him a short time to become quite proficient with it. As of now, he is currently training to learn to use duel lightsabers in combat to better aid the order should combat be necessary.

((I was thinking of adding some sort of droid as a second character. Please let me know if thats acceptable or not.))

Designation: T9-05
Gender Personality: Female
AFFILIATION: Jedi Order/Republic
MASTER: Unknown. Refuses to identify Master
WEAPON: Concealed wrist blaster, Czerka Arms High-powered sniper/Blaster rifle.
APPEARANCE: If it weren't for the fact that the eyes are a dark emerald green and the light droid armor covering her original frame, T9-05 would look like a standard protocol droid apart from the fact she has had more than a few modifications to increase reaction time.

BACKSTORY: Not much is known about T9-05 other than she arrived at the Jedi Temple in a shipping container along with a Czerka arms High-powered rifle. When the droid was activated, she was questioned as to who her master was but all attempts to try and figure out who her master was failed. As such, the Jedi decided that as long as she didn't pose a threat to anyone she could be allowed to serve as a protocol droid. The Jedi attempted to reprogram her but that apparently failed as she continued going about her duties even after being reprogrammed for different duties. As of now, she is currently serving as a protocol droid that assists new arrivals in finding out where the dormitories and other important locations are.

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