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I'm playing consular just to get it out of the way and supposedly it had the most "meh" story. TBH, I'm just glad to be playing anything at all by this point and it doesn't seem so bad--voice acting is definitely lopsided in favor of light side. As a shadow.

Piggybacking roomie's acct.

Currently at lv 16 on coruscant. Bergeren Colony server.

Haven't given much thought to Jedi Knight. I'm definitely a fiend for attacking and love two saber style, so I'll probably go sentinel. Honestly, though, I do see some benefit to tanking so I'd make an additional JK Guardian.

As a Consular>Shadow, I want to try to make her as curt as possible without being arrogant sounding. The dark sided options...just stick out too much by their voiced sound.

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