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Gonna reuse an old character from previous RP's, mostly because I'm starting to find that continuously creating new characters is a waste of creative effort when they're usually cast aside so quickly (very sad in my book), that, and he's one of my favorites ! (That, and I'm lazy!)

Name: Slate Q'nal
Eyes...Er, Eye: Grey
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Arkanian Offshoot [Ubese-Arkanian]
Personality: Tactful; Cold, Calculating and Manipulative; Condescending and Patronizing; Blunt and Brutal; Vengeful and Antithetic; Belied entirely by his Apathetic and Lackadaisical way of speaking in his deep solid voice.
Characteristics: Stealthy; Manipulation and coercion; Literal genius; Extensive genetic engineering
Weapon(s): 'Caster' Pistol; Lightsaber [Red]
Affiliation: Bounty Hunter 'Triad'; Former Mandalorian; Many Others
Master(s): Many - most notable: Mandalore [Canderous Ordo]
Appearance: In Armor - Is missing an eye under the helmet, not that anyone can tell.
Backstory: Like some Arkanian Offshoots, Slate was 'born'; though made would be more appropriate, as it involved a lengthier process of artificially inseminating genetically altered material into a host - whether they be willing or not.

Much knowledge of Slate's host 'Mother' is unknown, including whether she was Ubese or Arkanian. This is not to say that Slate doesn't know, to the contrary, he had her in his life at least up until the age of five, and beyond that he's done extensive exploration into his own 'creation'; including all materials used, where or even who they came from, and a strong study of his 'Mother' and her history. But much of this knowledge is his and his alone, thus it can leave most to only assume. All that is known, is that he was 'birthed' and lived on the Ubese homeworld at the time.

Past the age of five, and well up until he was twelve, the Arkanians did extensive experimentation and alteration to his physiology, primarily in the form of genetic tampering.

This started in regards to several factors: his chosen background species when being made as an Offshoot; his astounding intelligence even at such a young and rudimentary age, an outcome and result not intended or made into him; and an amazing resilience to genetic alterations, assumed to be a result of the careful material selection process by which he was made.

In the end even the great Arkanians could only speculate and theorize on Slate's profound nature, all while having a heyday in the playground of his genetic material. Though, eventually the young, but highly intelligent Offshoot would grow tired of the constant fluctuations to his constitution from the never-ending poking and prodding of his Arkanian masters, and he would render an escape from his birthplace and home of twelve years.

Time would see him come to the Mandalorians, who would raise him from his youth into adulthood, where he would learn their language, customs, combat styles: their very lifestyle. And though he belonged to no clan in particular, he would come to be mentored by the Mandalore himself, former mercenary, and companion of Revan, Canderous Ordo. Slate would learn many of his most valuable lessons from the old warrior, one in particular: That he could learn all he could about the Madalorians - be the epitome of combat, the most fluent and silver-tongued of speakers, and the most beguiling, cunning, and stealthy of hunters - but it meant nothing, he was nothing, if he did not make it into a life. He carried this on with him to many of his later experiences.

Eventually he would leave the Mandalorians, and venture to the stars, where he would seek to make the knowledge of the most gifted peoples and organizations of the galaxy his, so that he may forge his own lifestyle, his own, 'self'. He would start with his most valuable tool and skill, his cunning, his guile, his silver tongue! He would seek out the Jal Shey first, a people he knew would be hard to convince, but less inclined to kill him should he fail to persuade them. He would eventually succeed in convincing them to teach him their ways of persuasion, diplomacy, and the general art of speechcraft itself through a rather devious means - convincing them he was Force sensitive.

He would learn what they had to offer, their knowledge, quickly; his still fresh young, genius mind sending him through their courses and lessons, teachings and mantras at an astounding rate, and it wasn't long before he was known for having an ability to manipulate and coerce others that only those with the Force itself could match, and even then, just-so. This would and has remained one of his strongest traits, and would aid him endlessly in his continuing quest for knowledge and the building of his own, 'Life'.

He would proceed to learn K'thri from some of it's greatest practitioners as he would join an intergalactic combat arena as a 'Towel Boy', using his silver tongue and lowly position to come across as nonthreatening, a backroom fan, a young man with "Stars in his Eyes!" He would later take out the flashy, crowd-pleasing movements and techniques in the style, refining it to a more practical form of combat, with quick, precise moves, and footwork and balance that would allow him to counter more brutal and forceful styles, such as Echani; one he would master later in life, finding it a surprisingly simplistic combat art, though one he still did not underestimate for it's effect, as well as respected for it's results.

He would then go to the Matukai, where he would coerce his way in the same way he had with the Jal Shey, convincing them he was Force sensitive, though this time, it was less of a blind acceptance, and more of a deliberated study that has worried Slate to this day, as the Matukai seemed far more shrewd than the Jal Shey had in determining the truth of his words, a surprise considering their focuses were so completely different. Here Slate would learn not just another form of combat, but the study and focus of the body, the application of combat through one's dedication to the purity and strength of their body. Though he would never admit it, Slate had enjoyed being with the Matukai, and had spent quite an extensive time amongst them, and learning what they had to teach at a rate much slower than what many had been previously accustomed to.

He would reluctantly leave to go learn from the famed Noghri assassins, and learn their art of combat known as Stava, where he would refine his incapacitation, as well as outright killing techniques, many involving only hand-to-hand.

The last important note out of countless many others was that of the Zeison Sha, the hardest nut for him to crack amongst all that he had learned from. They being an independent, isolationist group, rarely, if ever, accepting outsiders to be taught anything of theirs. Although their order taught to help those in need, they were very, VERY wary of Slate, and it literally took him years to convince them, where as before, at the longest, it had taken him a few months. But from them he learned what he would need most, if not for a practical reason if anything else, was that of survival, resourcefulness, a wider scope and deeper understanding of willpower and resilience, but most important of all, independence. As up to this point Slate had been trying to build up to the thing he wanted and was always seeking something or someone out, rather than learning things for himself; he was not doing what he had long been intending to do. So after he had learned all he could from the Zeison Sha, he went out on his own, and not since has he been mentored by another, though that is not to say he has not stopped learning nor being taught.

After this he became a very skilled assassin, and was quite famous for hunting and killing Sith & Jedi (which would explain to many why he wields a lightsaber of his very own). While taking a contract on the Outer Rim, he came into contact with a unique individual, Cylax Noxus. Heavily armed and armored, Cylax proved to interest Slate, though whether Slate felt he was a match for himself, at the time, was an entirely different factor. Little is known in the way of their first encounter, only that it did start with some mild violence and ended in a stalemate and standstill that neither could escape from, so instead they both gave in to their better halves and agreed to walk away and leave their unresolved conflict for another time. They would eventually come into contact again....And again, and again, and again, until it almost became obligatory, if not habitual to expect one to come across the other during endeavors on the Outer Rim worlds. Slate grew something rare towards a 'common' individual, a healthy helping of respect, if only a little. In time Slate would come to seek Cylax out for a proposition; using both persuasion and threats (he had succeeded in tracking Cylax down rather easily, something he knew the cyborg would not take into account lightly) to render the other man's aid. By this point Slate had dropped off the map as an assassin and was seeking a new line of work; even though the start of their partnership was tenuous at best, not since Slate's first contact with Cylax have they been apart (that's not to say they won't take separate jobs for varying reasons). At first they were known as the Bounty Hunter Brothers, as they worked so well together, and from what others could tell from how well they got on together, they were no different than brothers, but when Cylax introduced Kal Jordo to the mix they were forever changed and known as the Bounty Hunter 'Triad'; the most formidable Bounty Hunters in the galaxy, feared even by Jedi...And Sith.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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