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NAME: Skor'rask Kaldarum
SPECIES: Kaleesh
APPEARANCE: Skor'rask is a little over 7 ft. His skin is a dark orange and his eyes are yellow. His right arm is replaced with a much larger modified cybernetic mech arm from the shoulder down.
WEAPONS: Heavy Mandalorian Battle Rifle. One Shot Rocket Pistol. His cybernetic arm has retractable twin vibro blades that are parallel to each other.
EQUIPMENT: A bone plate war mask covers most of his face, leaving his eyes and mouth visible. He wears black mandalorian battle armor coated with the same type of bones that his mask is made off.
OCCUPATION: Mandalorian Clan Lord
CLAN: Kaldarum
HISTORY: SkorĎask fought in the Mandalorian Wars as a soldier and was there when Revan defeated Mandalore. Skorírask despised what the mandalorians became after the war ended and he despised the Jedi even more for making them what they were. After the war Skorírask went into hiding with the rest of his clan. Skorírask quickly got fed up with the Clan Lordís cowardice and challenged him. Skorírask ended up tearing his head off in one on one combat. Skorírask as the new Clan Lord took his clan and flew deep into the outer rim and managed to land on a very hazardous world that would be considered a death trap. Ever since Skorírask slowly gathered more forces and trained them to be Jedi killers. He planned to build a new mandalorian empire and as soon as his army was ready his first target would be to destroy the Jedi order.

(I may make a second character.)

Lets rock and role play!

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