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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
I always figured Carth was roughly 35 because he knocked up Morgana (right?) when he was 15 or so.

But I guess thinking about it more, that probably is totally inaccurate lol

Although, even if Female Revan is around 30 and Carth is 40, that's not even all that bad.
I always though of Revan in the 25-30 range and Carth in the 35-40 range. If Dustil was 18 in KotOR 1, Carth could have been 39 and had Dustil when he was 21. Of course Dustil could have been younger, too. He'd been with the Sith since Telos' bombardment so to have him be 16 or 17 isn't too huge of a stretch. After all, Misson was 14.

Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
Goodness!! definitely seems to be a MUST-HAVE for my Override ... so good to see it's Aug 27th already ...

how about installation for non-TSLRCM users? TSL patcher too??

thanks on advance and keep up the AWESOME work
Thanks. Installation for non-TSLRCM users will still utilize the TSL patcher, they'll just have to add a file or two manually after the patcher is finished.

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