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This place goes through a very bad dry spell when there is no new games in the works, and lack of new movies doesn't help either. Just remember that those who stick it out usually wind up elders in the end!

Clone wars died finally, and good riddance. The demise of lucasarts, what can I say? After that horrible Kinect Game and Lego Star Wars 1-347, so what? We cried about it constantly on the podcasts, and the answer to our plea was the demise of a once powerful and awesome company. Rest in peace.

But there IS HOPE!

First and foremost, Battlefront! Coming from the company that invented the Battlefield to begin with DICE! I will be kicking ass and taking names again once that bad boy hits PC/PS4!

JJ Abrams has the world on his shoulders, but from what I have read, he has the best interests in heart by choosing story over special effects. He has seen the successes and failures of our beloved franchise and I do believe he has his finger on the pulse of what fans want. I think it is going to be fun again, and I encourage all of you to just wait and see! When the new movies hit, we will be overstocked with noobs again and most likely will be hiring new mods and admins to deal with the usual nonsense!
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