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I can't seem to understand today's games and their preference for bringing out shooters. Take Call of Duty. They release the 10th CoD game this year and I don't know how they could achieve this kind of popularity.

But due to the technology advancing over the last decade, there are a lot more powerful computers than 10 years before. I know of one family, they have got 3 Computers and all of them are more powerful than mine (which I consider powerful). And they don't even use every Computer for gaming. That would be an explanation why there are more gamers than before.

And there are people that hang on to the 'good' games. Think about it. If people didn't go crazy about Portal 1, they wouldn't have brought Portal 2, which is just Portal 1 only with some attention brought to it. And Portal 1 wasn't that big of deal when it came out. Though everybody knew Portal 2.

That takes me back to playing Prince of Persia 1 on our old Dos machine...

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