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When marketing is the entire forefront OF gaming, I can agree that gaming has degenerated due to it. I can think of countless of games with terrible marketing schemes but one example; The Sims 3.

If I wanted all the content possibly available for that game i'd have to spend 445+ (I did the math ;D) which is quite frankly ridiculous and you're not paying for much if you actually consider that a lot of that content is 'item packs' and the like. Many of the expansions are just rehashed expansions from the Sims 2 that in my opinion should have been in the Sims 3 on launch (one example being The Sims 3: Pets)

EDIT: And another, as much as I love Saints Row IV, it has to be said. There's like 20 different DLC packs that are literally just outfits for Saints Row: The Third. There's already two that have been released for SRIV.

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And this.

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