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Oh, I totally agree that DLC and industry BS is... BS, but even with all of that going on, there are still great games out there. The established power bases can degenerate as much as they want, but video games as a whole isn't degenerating, th eonly thing that's happening is that some of the old guard is getting fat and bloated and will, one way or the other, end their own existence or become irrelevant, thus allowing others to take their place.

And just to put this out there, there was a lot to hate about games back in the "olden days" of gaming too. For example, Nintendo ruling with an iron fist, censoring the hell out of everything, treating developers like crap, a bunch of developers making really crappy licensed games (cause we all LOVE shaq fu, don't we, such a classic) and stuff we've all forgotten about because we can only remember the best of what happened in the past.

Stuff sucks, companies are greedy and are trying to find new ways to sucker people out of their money, etc, etc. What's new?

As for the games themselves, I still stand by what I said, it's coming from different places, but gaming is still pretty consistant in it's level of greatness even if it's not coming from the same people/companies that made it great in previous years/generations.

Meanwhile, Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 are both phenomenal games... though, none of the people here seem to play games on Nintendo systems so they may as well not exist and be 100% ignored to have ever existed. |

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