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@ Taak: What is "AAA"? I've never understood this concept... because, what people claim to be "AAA" often ends up being everything everyone complains about and are the kinds of games that are apparently degenerating the entire video game industry.

And yeah, it really does come down to being a perception thing. You say Nintendo = Family, but while half of the games Nintendo produces are family orientated, the other half is challenge/core orientated and half from each group fit somewhere in the middle and provide a little from both. However, the fact that Nintendo is like this wasn't the point I was bringing up...

The point I was trying to get people to see is that there are a lot of games people just don't want to play for whatever reason. Nintendo is the best example of this, and while you may interpret it as a bitter tone, I see it as a completely realistic tone. All of these games, whether they're from Nintendo or someone else may as well not exist in your eyes and to a lot of people, they don't.

So if they don't exist, people tend to end up making blanket statements about how the industry is doomed, it's consuming itself, degenerating, detookajuubs! ...etc, because they end up narrowing their vision of what the video game industry is to very specific things and then saying "that's how it is across the entire thing, it's all bad now" ...when it's not.

Sure, lots of crappy games get released, lots of games disappoint, lots of companies do really terrible things, but none of this is new and 10-20 years from now, all we'll ever remember are the best things that happened during this time and even think more fondly of them than we do now.

Also, to put Nintendo into perspective, both Call of Duty: Black Ops on 360 and Super Mario Galaxy on Wii sold around 12 million copies. Just because they're not "AAA" doesn't mean they aren't relevant or are part of a lesser or different market. They're not in a different market, they're ALL video games. The only difference is that you don't give a **** about those particular games lol.

Also... holy ****, I'm back to the other side again. I've been spending a lot of time on Miiverse the last few months, the social network on Wii U if you haven't heard of it, and there's a whole bunch of Nintendo fans saying exactly what you guys say, but from the opposite extreme and I'm there defending games outside of Nintendo consoles the same way I'm defending Nintendo games here... why am I doing this to myself? |

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