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NAME: Draco Spacespeaker
AFFILIATION: Dark Side, doesn't care about which group others belong to
SPECIES: Twi'lek
APPEARANCE: Smooth blood red skin. Both of his head tails have been severed, near where they separate from the head.
WEAPONS: A dual bladed lightsaber, the Force.
EQUIPMENT: A black robe, with many symbols for dark power. While the edges have begun to fray, the main parts of the robe seem largely untouched by the wear of time.
OCCUPATION: The Waiting One.
HISTORY: Long ago, an old woman who absolutely radiated Dark Side had approached him. After making an ally of him, by giving him a robe of incredible power, she later returned to acquire his help. She took him to the ruins of the Jedi Temple in an underground room, which she had placed many symbols on and made many sacrifices which made the room grant members of the dark side incredible power. She told him to soak in the energy of the room, and wait for the one who might open it. This is when he became The Waiting One. She locked the room behind her, and left Draco there, deep in trance. He has been sustained by the energies of the Dark Side, and has become even more powerful from his saturation within it.

Hope that's okay. I noticed the direction of the story, and it seemed like a fun role to play. Might even try to tempt some to the dark side.

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