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I'm playing KotOR 2 right now and encountered the Zhug brothers glitch (before you get captured by Goto, the Zhug brothers scene in the cantina (?) keeps repeating itself and messes up your game) on Nar Shadda. Since I've tried everything to resolve the problem and nothing worked, I decided to use a warp cheat as my last resort to get on Goto's ship.

But as you can guess my quest log did not update itself and even after finishing Goto's ship, the status of my quest line on Nar Shadda remains the same. So I tried using the KSE 3.3.3. to edit the progess of my quests but the part of the editor where you can add or remove quests is completeley blank.

I am using the TSLRMC mod 1.8.2 and the Ultimate saber mod. I've tried uninstalling the latter but then I can't load my saves anymore. Don't really know what to do anymore. Help would be appreciated.
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