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Originally Posted by Lynk Former, emphasis mine View Post
So yeah, I can understand exactly why Microsoft changed their mind and reversed these decisions... the thing that surprises me is the fact that they actually DID. It looked as if they were going to stubbornly hold onto their hardline DRM approach despite what anyone said... but they didn't. And that is bloody amazing.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Just as long as it doesn't burn itself up like the early models of the last generation did.

"Design oversight" Yeah, protected with a bitch of a case to get open to hide away "trade secrets" which happened to be geared towards selling warranties and keeping repairshops working.

Heats up, thermal paste dries out, incompetent x clamps can't stop bolts from loosening, binding mechanism softens grip, allows heatsink to loosen up just enough to not conduct as well but still touch the processor and system detects slow rise in temperature and shuts down after certain point.

'Course the early models just simply fried themselves through normal use. I'm honestly surprised some parts didn't burn holes through the mobo, they got so hot.

Originally Posted by Vindikorr, emphasis mine View Post
I don't think Microsoft ever really expected to sell it in the state they unveiled it. I think they wanted to make it as anti-consumer as possible to see what they could get away with, when it became apparent they weren't getting away with it, they were happy enough to tone it down a bit. But now they look like the heroes, because they listened to their consumer base. In actual fact, there's still plenty wrong with the console, but most people are oblivious because of the press surrounding how they made it so much better, so they've really played the game out very well, they'll sell just as well as the PS4 now, and they're getting away with a lot more.
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